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New Year’s Resolutions

My business is full of conversations about change. You wouldn’t be surprised, then,  that this time of year  I find myself in many of them about the value of New Year’s Resolutions (including ones with myself). After much talk and debate, I know people who say NYRs work and I know all about the research that says that NYRs are why health clubs can be so profitable, because everybody joins and then after a few months, give up and just pay the fee. And on and on. I figured out something today to add to the conversation. It may not be a big deal to you, but the math could prove quite powerful. Because the formulas matter to things FAR beyond NYRs:

  • Resolution (R) + Consistent Acceptance of Personal Responsibility (CAPS) = sustainable success (SS)
  • R + Blame, Complain and Excuse (BCE) = Terminal Failure (TF).

When my kids read this, they’ll likely chuckle because they know how, put kindly, math is not my strength.  But that’s not the point on which to focus. More importantly, I’ve never met someone who resolved at this time of year to change someone else. All NYRs are driven out of some sense of potential for personal change, right?  It’s when we wander from that commitment and pile up the reasons that we can’t or couldn’t that our resolve wanes. What a wonderful time it is! Hope and intention abounds. For those who resolve, you shake free burden of doubt and pessimism about your capacity to grow. And you begin to step in a new direction. Because you believe it’s possible.  No matter what happens, you can stay there. Happy New Year.