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My Dad

1907408_10203843323710906_5897559843107102634_nHere’s a note I sent out to clients today. It seemed right to put it here on my blog too. The picture is from the last time I saw him as he performed the wedding of my two nieces. 

We’re sending out a more general announcement, but I wanted to let you know that my Dad died on Saturday. I didn’t want to weigh things down in your busy days with trading calls, plus, as much as I think email is mostly a scourge of communication, I will make an exception here. 
All of you who I send this to have been very supportive clients of my work and in many cases, good friends. A lot of what I bring to all of that is because Mannie Kugler was my Dad. 
Some of you met him, some not. For now, if possible, tell your Dad you love him. If that’s not possible, pause for a minute in your day and be grateful for anything and everything you shared with him. Take what you admire  and check with yourself, even for a second, that you’re finding ways to share that with your kids. And, while you’re at it, accept that you learned imperfection from him too. 
What you’ve done with that is for you to ponder a bit. I hope you do.
More to come about a Memorial service and such. His fervent wish was that he live and die simply and that those who loved him remember him for all that he was. 
Thanks for reading this, and helping me remember.