Video Series

Life turns on conversations. But so many of us lack the tools to speak to others when our deepest feelings and needs are on the line. I tackle this problem in a series of videos eponymously entitled Drew Kugler's Constructive Candor. They work best viewed in sequence—feel free to binge-watch. In Videos 1-3, I describe three problematic styles of communication. Do you recognize any of them?

There is a solution to the flawed approaches described in Videos 1-3. I call it Constructive Candor. It's a process and a way of thinking that gives you the best chance to have productive, powerful conversations. In these next four videos (4-7), I take you through actionable steps that can help facilitate the kind of interactions that foster success. —DK


Thanks for watching. If you'd like to have a conversation about Constructive Candor, I'd love to hear from you.